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Assessment of video

Subject: Attn of Mr Špacek personally, examination of the videorecord


Dear Mr Špacek,
the video recording rescuing and resuscitation of your son was delivered by the post to me. After watching it (even in the highest resolution) I couldn´t detect any steps to diagnoze the emergency conditions „cardiac arrest and apneusis“. After first inconsiderate attempt of the aid woman, the position of injured Michael was changed in order to start resuscitation by third aid man – by a man who was located about 0,5 m far away on the side of the race track. This followed without any immobilization of head and prevention from cervical spine injuries that could happen during such accident. It is evident that the aid man left the patient´s head fall, without bottoming the body by the aid women.


The glasses were taken off the injured person afterwards and the first aid woman tried again to open the helmet and take it off. Without any evident checking of respiration or taking pulse, the second aid woman started „cardiopulmonary resuscitation“. Did this aid woman also start the chest compression?


Because injured was evidentlly wearing the chest-guard, there are reasonable doubts about the effectiveness of the heart massage. But above all, it is unlikely that with this heart massage there would be a sufficient lungs´ ventilation volume set up. And especially head position most likely allows obstruction of the airway with the tongue.


Your doubts about the effectiveness of the first aid can´t be refused on the base of this video. I´m attaching the online „first aid manual“ from Austrian Red Cross relating to the attitude towards the arguments of the necessity of the helmet removal ... that are simply pictured for the nonspecialists:




I don´t keep any records about following attending steps in my disposal. There is the videomaterial recorded twice on the sent DVD. There is an article about resuscitation on the platform Wikipedia and it´s steps are described for the nonspecialists. It also contains description of the steps of the medical personnel and other aspects of the resuscitation that may allow you review the following medical attendance.


http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herz-Lungen-Wiederbelebung, You can find guidelnes in all Europian languages on https://www.erc.edu/index.php/guidelines_download_2005/en/ you can the manual how to attend backbone, spinal cord injuries etc. here: http://www.uni-duesseldorf.de/awmf/ll/ If the effective artificial respiration was done immediately after those 2 minutes recorded on the video, we could expect that even despite of the abortive attempt of providing the first aid, there would be no brain cells damage caused with this arterial lack of oxygen, but from 3 minutes on there would irrecoverable damages of the brain occur. With best wishes


Dr. Heimo Klein

assessment of video

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