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Michael SpaCek Memorial – Interchampionship of Czech republic

Sunday, 2nd September 2012 – Poběžovická kotlina near Holice … novice among the motocross races organizers, foundation RADOST CZECH REPUBLIC along with Mr and Mrs Špacek and partners, organized indeed great race. This race at many things surpassed clubs with long-standing tradition. Michael Špaček Memorial has with a huge turnout outdone the race of MX3 championship. Motocross track was well done and secured according to the international FIM regulations. Let´s celebrate that with help of this deed, a new era of races in Holice has just started. The Memorial participants security was arranged by 27 commissioners , the same amount of firemen, 6 paramedics and 5 surgeons. Their awareness was proved during qualification of the MX2. Radim Faigl (196) was injured and thanks to quick intervention of the medical emergency service and further transport to specialized workplace is Radim already at home and fully recovered. At this point it is very important to express the acknowledgements to the EMS of Pardubice region.
     The overall amount of enrolled racers reached 117. The 118th racer, Michael, who was the reason for everyone to come could not be present. He rewarded us with great weather.
It was clear since the beginning that this was going to be the race of the year. Tomáš Terešák won the 85 ccm class. He left behind Polish racer Dominik Olszowy in the first race, in the second race, he ended up first right before Tomáš Zbíral. 50 Racers entried to the Mx2 races. So it was up to the qualification to determine first 40 racers of the race. Boris Maillard from France fought out the first race and ended up leaving Daniel Siegel (GER) and Petr Smítka (CZE) behind. Second race was led by fast Kawasaki ridden by Daniel Siegel, Petr Smítka ended on the second place a third place belonged to Bence Szvoboda (HU). In the strongest class, Mx3, it was very hard to estimate who would win. It was qualification that largely gave a clue. Its winner Martin Michek became overal winner. Filip Neugebauer reached the same rate, but worse result in second round was the bottom line for him to end up second. In both rides, they presented motcross that must have been liked by everyone. Until last metres, it was not obvious who was about to become winner. Third place belongs to Günter Schmidinger from Austria.
     The grand prize of Michael Špaček was obtained by Spanish rider Alvaro Lozano Rico, who arrived without any hesitation in order to pay tribute to deceased friend. Prize was awarded by Michael´s father and this emotional moment showed to everyone that Alvaro was racing for Michael and only them knew what is all was about.





MX 85 Class


Position Number Name Country Rate
1 24 Jakub TEREŠÁK CZE 50
2 105 Tomáš ZBÍRAL  CZE 42
3 97 Denis POLÁŠ  SVK 38
4 501 Dominik OLSZOWY POL 33
5 191 Lukas PRAMMER AUT 31


MX3 Open Class


Position Number Name Country Rate
1 232 Martin MICHEK CZE 47
2 134 Filip NEUGEBAUER CZE 47
3 49 Gunter SCHMIDINGER AUT 38
4 111 Petr BARTOŠ CZE 34
5 25 Florent RICHIER FFM 34


MX2 Junior 125 Class


Position Number Name Country Rate
1 377 Martin KRČ CZE 50
2 74 Michal NOVOCKÝ SVK 42
4 44 Marek KREJČÍ  CZE 34
5 70 Ondrej SVĚDÍK  CZE 30


MX2 Class


Position Number Name Country Rate
1 777 Daniel SIEGL GER 47
2 10 Petr SMÍTKA CZE 42
3 104 Tomáš ŠIMKO  SVK 34
4 22 Jaulin SULLIVAN FRA 34
5 727 Boris MAILLARD FRA 33


  • Michael Spacek Memorial
  • Martin Michek, Filip Neugebauer, Günter Schmidinger
  • Alvaro Lozano Rico
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